About Us

Cas and Clem Ryan are a husband/wife team providing data acquisition and technical support for the engineering community. Although this is a small business, don’t be fooled into thinking that we are going to provide a “moderately technical” level of service. CMR Tech has been involved in this niche field for over 35 years.  During this time we have been involved in:-

  • Undertaking sophisticated triaxial testing for offshore foundation investigation.
  • The installation and development of beam and drum geotechnical centrifuges in Australia and Japan
  • The instrumentation of models for geotechnical centrifuge testing.
  • The introduction and early development of PDA testing in Australia.
  • The early introduction of instrumented static pile load testing in Australia.
  • The design & fabrication of CPT equipment.
  • Instrumenting struts and foundation components for long term monitoring.
  • Pressuremeter testing.

And just to demonstrate that we are not limited to foundation engineering:-

  • Stress analysis of haul trucks for design purposes.
  • Instrumenting an iron ore train to develop software control for “run in/run out”.
  • Concrete heat of hydration determination and monitoring.
  • Load cell design and fabrication.