Why Choose Us

Discover the top reasons clients choose CMR Tech for data acquisition services

Why Choose CMR Tech?

CMR Tech has been involved in this niche field for 30 years, providing data acquisition and technical support for the engineering community.

Our clients tell us that the top reasons they choose CMR Tech for their data acquisition services include:

  1. We have been providing geotechnical engineering data acquisition services for over 35 years and are Australia’s leading testing company.
  2. We offer a complete range of data acquisition solutions including pile load testing, plate load testing, Thermal Integrity Testing, PDA and strain gauging.
  3. Our strain gauging data acquisition equipment is state of the art, Quantum X 1615 from HBM.
  4. We can fabricate specialised load cells and provide instrumentation for site monitoring programs.
  5. All data collected is delivered in a format that is easy to understand with spreadsheets, charts, plots and photographs that can be inserted directly into reports.
  6. We are conveniently located in Perth Western Australia