PDA Testing

CMRTech PDA Testing

PDA Strain and Acceleration Sensors

A high strain dynamic test being performed on a composite pile.

Clem Ryan from CMR Technical Services has been performing pile load tests since the late 1980’s and was involved in the early introduction of PDA testing into Western Australia. A purpose built data acquisition system was jointly developed by Professor Mark Randolph from UWA and Clem Ryan.

Some of the projects Clem Ryan from CMR Technical Services has performed PDA testing on are:-

  • Tonkin Gap
  • FMG Port Hedland
  • Bridge replacements across all over Western Australia
  • Badgingarra Bridge – Duratec
  • Smart Freewats – Belpile
  • Reid Highway – GFWA
  • Garden Island Jetties
  • Fremantle Port Authority Berth Upgrades
  • Port Hedland Port Extensions
  • Geraldton Port Authority Berth Upgrades
  • Narrows Bridge Duplication
  • Mt Henry Traffic Bridge
  • Goongoongup Rail Bridge
  • Windan Traffic Bridge
  • Graham Farmer Tunnel
  • Glen Iris Rail Bridge

The data was reviewed by Professor Randolph using wave equation and soil modelling techniques which he developed in a program called IMPACT. The accuracy of the program has been checked and verified over a number of years and confirmed with static load tests.
PDISensorsCMRTech has recently added a PDI-8G high strain dynamic pile testing data acquisition system to our PDA equipment list. This unit is capable of utilising the new “smart sensor” technology which enables the sensor ID and calibration to be embedded within the sensor. This is the latest offering from Pile Dynamics. The PDA-8G  is capable of recording up to 8 channels of strain or acceleration to improve data if bending is an issue. It is also capable of using smart sensors that automatically know their ID, calibration and input channel. The PDA-8G can also be used for remote testing using “Site-Link” as an alternative to on-site testing.

This equipment is now available to perform PDA testing.