Pile Tension Load Testing

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Pile Tension Load Testing

Projects include Marshall Road Northern Dive, Forrestfield Airport Link 1.6MN tension tests for GFWA, Pilewest, Regional Drilling Group

Pile tension load testing enables measurement of displacement as a pile is pulled out of the ground.

These piles are being loaded in tension using various loading configurations.  Some of the piles have extensiometers and strain gauges installed down the length of the pile.

All sensors are logged electronically to a computer and provide graphical information during the test.

Pile tension load testing

Left: Tension load test on a screw pile. Center: Tension load test on a CFA pile. Right: A near shore tension test on a driven pile using a 500T load cell and hydraulic cylinder on a jack up barge.

Pile tension load testing

Tension test on a barrette. The barrette train gauged along its length

Pile tension load testing 5

Tension test on a drilled and grouted pile

Pile tension load testing 6

Tension test on a small screwpile