CMR 20MPa Pressuremeter

Recent Projects: Newmont Boddington Gold Mine, Forrestfield Airport Tunnel, Kwinana Waste to Energy Projects, Yallourn Brown Coal Stabilisation Project

CMR Tech has manufactured a 72mm 20MPa Pressuremeter for use in stiff clays, sands and soft-medium rock.

Insertion Method – pre-bored hole

Initial diameter 72mm

Range 72-91mm

Length of material sacrificed – It works best 100mm up from the bottom of a 2m pocket.  In this position the centre of the expanding region is 400mm from the bottom of the pocket.

Displacement System – direct strain sensing at 4 points equally spaced around the centre of the expanding region

Displacement resolution – better than 0.0001mm

Pressure resolution – better than 0.5kPa

Maximum working pressure – 20MPa